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Vasanth Kesavan

Meet our managing partner, Mr. Vasanth Keshavan, a graduate who moved to Dubai soon after completing his undergraduate education to pursue an enduring career. After working with several top-level companies within Dubai, he returned to India to complete a post graduate education due to his driving desire to learn more. Although he did not attend IIT, he worked at the IIT Madras Lab and designed 3000+ steel based products, those that will be practically applicable in India. It was his passion for steel and the innovative industry that brought him to create ReddCo, a brand and service that aims to be one of its kind in the country.





Our journey started in 2012 at Tiruchirapalli, when Mr. Vasanth Kesavan, MD, had returned from the Middle East after working with major manufacturers in the steel building industry, setting up Red D Steels. The first factory was set up in Permambalur in 2017 and the second is about to commence operations in Chennai.

Understanding the demands of the local industry, his foray into PEBs (Pre Engineered Buildings) kicked off with the backing of his steel import group of companies. In 2017, the company repositioned itself as REDD HI Strength Steel and got into steel based industrial and commercial buildings, resorts and residences, mezzanine floors, solar structures, dry walls, home extensions and PEBs, thus expanding its portfolio.

Our expertise lies in handling all forms of steel and offering integrated solutions to give strength and integrity to a structure, besides being flexible to align itself to any architectural need. Our versatility and our internal experience delivers turn key solutions from end to end ensuring faster completion, affordable cost and best alternatives. We also offer services for design and detailing of steel buildings and structures.

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Passion to Excel

We are focused to be the best at what we do and have a healthy dissatisfaction for the ordinary. We have a compelling desire to improve and win in the marketplace.

Customer Centric

We fully commit to doing what is right for our customers. We maintain customer focus and retention by understanding our market, sparking new ideas through co-creation, working to build long-term partnerships for mutual benefit, and delivering what's promised and committed.


Our company seeks to maintain the best of standards among the organisation as well as with customers. We value and reward open communication, account for our conduct and decisions, avoid conflict of interest, and only make promises we intend to keep.

Diversity and Respect

We respect differences among team members, customers, and communities. We value outlooks in different perspectives and strive to support our corporate values. We support diversity and leverage it as our competitive advantage.

Employees Empowerment

We engage with our employees by trusting them to make the right decisions, by giving them ownership of their work. Every employee is responsible for achieving optimum results, building their skills, collaborating seamlessly with colleagues and customers, bringing in new ideas, developing solutions, and thereby contributing to the overall organisation.


This is one of our most important values as we believe that trust is a strong backbone to any good business and long lasting relationship. We are open-minded, honest, and respectful of all our team members, partners, and customers.